About Our Lutheran School System

Each of the Lutheran schools belongs to well-organized systems associated with a distinctive and long tradition. The Lutherans are recognized as the first Protestants with their origins tracing back to Reformation of the western Christendom in the 16th century. With around 70 million members, the Lutheran church is to this day still the biggest Protestant denomination across the globe. The Lutheran church has a focus on Christian education and biblical literacy it supports the provisions of the Christian schools associated from its very beginnings.

The Basic Understanding Of The Lutheran Schools

Lutheran schools are based on a solid understanding of life and people. The word of God as it is stated in the Bible is an authority for learning and living in each of the Lutheran schools. The central message is based on the gospel, with the belief that God’s acceptance in us is not dependent on our achievements or worth but rather on God’s unconditional commitment to his people which is evidenced within the life and then the death of his son Jesus.

The Lutherans have a strong belief that through processes of Christian schooling, the Spirit of God is active within the community that leads families and children to trust and know God. In our Lutheran school, every student is viewed as a completely unique individual created by God. He made each person and has a deep love for them providing each child with worth and dignity. Each child has their own needs and talents along with a potential to lead a fulfilled and useful life.

Lutherans also believe that all the positive learning and knowledge is the gift from God for not only the growth but also the welfare of all human beings. Each of the Lutheran schools considers the importance of developing what is known as a “spirit of service” in each of its students. This is so that their relationships, lives, studies, values, attitudes, and ambitions are reflected in a commitment to live a life that is useful.

Special Environments

Our Lutheran school offers a very caring environment. While there may be the main focus on learning and teaching, each of these schools strives to provide a lot more. For example, when a family decides to join one of the Lutheran schools, they are joining a community that is focused on being a place that is secure that offers caring relationships, safe environments that are caring and warm. Lutheran school’s views each of the students as unique and that they all have their own specific needs and gifts. The overall approach of this school system does not involve asking what a student and their family is able to do for our school, but rather what our school is able to do for the student and their family.

Each Lutheran school has a vision developed that is associated with teachings from the Bible. As Christian learning communities every school is aspired to providing ethos and a culture that is permeated by core values such as appreciation, quality, hope, courage, humility, service, compassion, forgiveness, justice and love.

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